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Annual Employee Celebration Held At Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Art C. Klein Construction’s annual employee meeting was Sunday, August 21, 2022, at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Why the zoo?

“We are a family company. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo presented a great opportunity to bring the families of our employees together,” said Diane Miller, Director of Client & Community Services. Adds Joan Klein, “It was our most well-attended event. Our employees just loved being able to include their own families. We kept the awards and comments brief and just let everyone enjoy the zoo.”

Along with breakfast, service recognition awards were presented to the following employees:

For 50 years of service: Art and Joan Klein each received a 50-year plaque for their absolute stellar service and commitment to the construction industry in Colorado over the last fifty years.

A service award was presented to Mercedes Alvidrez (Peak Concrete) for 20 years of service.

And for five years of excellent service, the following employees were presented with awards: Jose Cervantes (Peak Concrete), Noah Humpal (Peak Concrete), Gregorio Ordaz Gonzalez (Peak Concrete), John Vetere (A Cut Above The Rest) and Eric Gleckler (Sun Mountain Design).

And finally, the Jimmy Award – in honor of employee Jimmy Alcala who served Art C. Klein Construction for more than 25 years, retired and died tragically less than a year into retirement.

“Jimmy Alcala was one of those employees that did anything and everything that you asked, when you asked,” said Loren Bates, Project Manager for Peak Concrete. “Kevin (Klein) thought it would be a great way to honor our friend Jimmy by creating the Jimmy Award, which we did last year and made Jimmy the first recipient of it, posthumously.”

This year, the Jimmy Award was presented to current Peak Concrete employee Luis Marquez. Nominated by Loren Bates, Luis accepted the Jimmy Award during the festivities at the zoo. “Luis has been incredibly available and the work he does helps to solidify the great reputation that Peak Concrete enjoys.”

Joan Klein says a lot of work went into the day at the zoo, but it was well worth the effort. “Our employees are very special to us. They love the work they do and they are proud of the work they do. They get to see these projects around town and know that they have had a hand in building them. Even the employees who pour the concrete foundations, even though they can’t see them, they know there is a solid foundation there, and they know the quality, time and work that went into them,” said Klein. “We enjoy opportunities to treat our employees and to recognize them, especially in front of their families, for the work they have done to contribute to the company as well as to Colorado Springs.”

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