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We thrive in a team environment.

Design Build

It is worth sharing that we are a pioneer in the design-build process.  Our extensive list of Design-Build projects includes local and nationally recognized Architects.

Our founder instilled the virtues of turn-key services that allow for risk-sharing and partnering, which defined our rich culture of collaboration. One year after the company started in 1972, we hired an in-house Architect. Now a second-generation firm, we offer design-build services with a fully-staffed division or with an Architect of your choice. 

Working with architects from across the country and in-house, we are proud to say that a significant portion of our annual volume is completed as Design-Build projects.

Contact our design team or call (719) 208-7444.

Construction Management

As your advocate to drive value, we take the lead to interface with the design architect, engineers and subcontractors to oversee material purchases, constructability, schedule development and provide budget management. Allowing us to coordinate scheduling and teams reduces the burden to our Owners.  

From conception to completion, we provide industry expertise, identify risks and objectives, make strategic assessments, and provide project recommendations before the construction work begins.

General Contracting

Our primary goal is to deliver the best building experience for our clients. For our teams, construction is more than just installing building materials in accordance with plans and specs, it is a commitment we make to every project no matter the procurement method. We lead dynamic project teams – design professionals, subcontractors, vendors, craftspeople, and inspectors – by setting direction, aligning resources, planning, problem-solving, and holding the team accountable to achieve the project directives.

Self Perform Capabilities

There is more to us than meets the eye.  We have operated as a general contractor with self perform services for over four decades. These specialized trade services perform through Prime Contracts or direct to Owners along the Front Range.  

Structural Concrete
Foundations, Walls, Piers/Columns, Retaining Walls
Concrete Flatwork
Flatwork, Slabs, Curb & Gutters
Carpentry and Woodwork
Doors, Windows, Cabinetry, Trim and Millwork, and Custom Woodwork
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Whether the project goal is to achieve a specific LEED standard, a Green Building requirement, or Net-zero, we work to find solutions that meet their priority. 

Today, sustainability is a matter of practice in our construction operations.  We seek to contribute during preconstruction and construction to make sustainability achievable.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The use of BIM is based on a case-by-case basis and the needs of the project.  We introduce BIM services when the cost value of those manhours will serve the best interest of the project, not because we need to keep a staff position busy.  We review this decision with our Owners and elect to use BIM when the service can provide valuable input into complex renovations or new builds. 

Value Engineering

There is no process more becoming to an Owner than a contractor’s ability to bring value. Being exposed to an elaborate array of materials, subcontractors and methods, we apply this unique experience across all our projects to offer value engineering. 

While many Owners look for “how many times has this contractor built this exact project,” we emphasize a Vast Experience Approach. Our approach delivers a more diverse set of solutions that contribute time and cost savings.  

Owners appreciate our hands-on approach and solution-oriented attitude.