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Installation of an Exterior Paint Booth

Art C. Klein Construction recently completed the installation of an exterior paint booth that took an incredible amount of patience and persistence to achieve a permit final.  The Building Department and the Fire Department had not reviewed a new paint booth application since 2019, so when the application was submitted for a new outside paint booth, our Project Manager painstakingly went through multiple reviews and discussions to understand the necessary submittal requirements. The regulatory agencies have internal procedures that work for 95% of the projects submitted for permit, and these procedures are necessary.  However, when managing a project that does not fall nicely into the internal processes, have patience, and respect for the Building Department and Fire Department’s process even though some steps may seem cumbersome.

A part of our work included submitting the use application and code requirements for review to the City of Colorado Springs Development Department [jm4] prior to a permit.  This process took three months to receive approval. The Owner purchased the paint booth directly and our work included a slab-on-grade, electrical, gas, mechanical, and fire systems.  Early discussions with the paint booth manufacturer should have included engineered drawings for the paint booth that address the interlock system along with the UL or ETL certificate.  When evaluating the purchase of the paint booth, carefully note the Owner requirements which may include unloading (forklift), electrical, mechanical, and fire requirements, and storage if the paint booth is received early.  It is key to understand the start-up requirements for the paint booth because the Building Department will not final the systems without proper start-up procedures.

Plan to engage a mechanical engineer to prepare the gas connection details, a mechanical section, and mechanical new work plan.  A stamped electrical plan is also required.  The paint booth did not require a building permit and was permitted through the electrician.  The plumber, mechanical, and fire system subcontractors attached to the electrical permit.

Based on the intended use for the paint booth, and the HAZMAT levels of the materials that will be used, the Fire Department and HAZMAT review does require sufficient time to complete.  Create or update your profile in the HAMMERS system which is a record of hazardous materials at a facility.  For the permit, prepare a detailed list of materials that will be used in the paint booth and where those materials will be stored.  Based on the review by the Fire Department, the paint booth required a fire suppression system and alarm.

Installing the concrete slab for the paint booth was completed quickly.  Coordinating the paint booth erection was delayed because the installers came without the proper documentation to enter the restricted site, and the installers intended to work throughout the weekend which was not practical for the Owner.  If the installers come from out of town, ensure they accurately complete all the booth requirements before leaving (regulators and sensors installed, caulking completed, edging installed, doors are level, sealed and working properly).  The paint booth did not require a Building Department inspection after it was erected; however, we inspected the paint booth with the electrician, plumber, mechanical, and fire system subcontractor to confirm all connections and clearances before work started.  There were small changes to the air handling unit; however, all other components were as expected.  The trade work was inspected by the Building Department as any other project would experience.  The HAZMAT and Fire inspection were completed, as well as a Zoning inspection to confirm the location of the paint booth.

We encourage anyone undertaking a new paint booth project to seek assistance early with a local partner that has experience with the requirements.

Call Art C. Klein Construction if you are considering building or installing a paint booth at your facility.

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